Facial Rejuvenation Program

Program and Treatment


Our Facial Rejuvenation Program combines our popular constitutional facial acupuncture with herbal poultice to further correct the signs of aging by both local treatment and by treating the underlying causes of why an individual is specifically manifesting the aging process the way they are.

The treatment utilizes warmed poultices of Thai and Chinese herbs that are steamed and applied directly to a facial area with jade rollers to attain a kneading action. This traditional treatment has been practiced to soothe muscle tension and stiffness on the key areas. Heat and herbs are absorbed by the body to help to reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin.

With the Facial Rejuvenation Program you could:

Gain smooth and conditioned skin.Remove fine lines and wrinkles.Enjoy clear and greater looking skin.Look and feel your best at all time!



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